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TOO many minions such as Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid are taking the fall for the big traffickers and drugs cartels. ...MORE


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Colombia's FARC guerrillas still resist the coming peace. Is it drug money or the romance of revolution that's to blame? ...MORE


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The world’s most dangerous place to be a trade unionist is more complex than mainstream media say...MORE


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As another drug-trafficking kingpin bites the dust, somewhere in Colombia, his lieutenants will be vying to take his crown. MORE

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Any Given Sunday in Bogota, Traveller,
Winter 2012

Bogota: a little-visited city, disparaged by other Colombians, feared by foreigners, with a name hardly redolent of South America at all. MORE


‘If drugs were legal, what would happen?’, New Internationalist, September 2012

As drug-related violence soars and use steadily increases, even political leaders, ex-drug tsars and former champions of the ‘war on drugs’ are admitting that it’s been an abject – and costly – failure. So what’s the alternative to prohibition? MORE


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As a British Crime Survey shows the UK to be a country where cocaine is widespread and liberally consumed, an author explodes some of the myths about the drug — and calls for it to be legalised... MORE


'Let Them Snort Coke?', First Post, 18.8.09

Given the horrendous waste and failure of the prohibitionist regime governing drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin, not to mention the terrible violence and corruption that the illegal trade in each has created, you'd imagine that drug legalisation would be a hotter topic than it currently is. Yet legalising drugs is what American politicians call 'a third rail' issue - one that instantly kills the career of anyone who even suggests it... MORE


'A Cocaine Epidemic?', Financial Times, 31.7.09

People will tell you that the waste, destruction and misery caused by the prohibition of drugs pale into insignificance compared with the chaos that would follow a lifting of the ban, writes Tom Feiling. Making a substance as addictive as cocaine freely available would, according to Antonio Maria Costa, executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, lead to a drug epidemic... MORE


Comment piece published in Expressen, Sweden’s leading daily broadsheet 23.4.10 - (translation here)




‘The graffiti of Bogotá – in pictures’, Guardian Online, September 10th 2012
Narcostate or emerging economy? Paradise or hell on earth? A decade after he first lived in Colombia, Tom Feiling went back to Bogotá in search of the truth. Here he reads Colombia's recent past through the capital's graffiti.